Four "Fortraits" of Creativity Remind Us to Get Building!

Four "Fortraits" of Creativity Remind Us to Get Building!

Gregory Han
Mar 28, 2013

Children have the oft-forgotten innate ability to see beyond "what is" into the realm of "what could be". A large tree, a hillside, a pile of discarded lumber...all these are the raw materials for architects, engineers, and explorers in the making. Somewhere down the line a vast majority of us adults lose this vision and forget the joys of imagining and making. Here are four reminders we all have a slumbering creative waiting to reawaken regardless of age...

The four short films by Encyclopedia Pictura (co-founders of were commissioned by the True/False Film Festival, each "fortrait" project showcasing the playful and satisfying act of building something where nothing once stood before (remember the joys of building your own sofa fort or bedspread tent, setting up a treehouse?): playground, raft, cabin, cave. They share the spirit of Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom, evoking memories of long summer breaks and a child's imagination put to work. 

(Screencaps/videos: Encyclopedia Pictura)

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