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I don't know about you, but I get easily sidetracked by ridiculously amusing things (Dogshaming anyone?), but when it's entertaining and design-oriented, there goes an afternoon. Here are a few online and app design diversions that caught my eye recently and have potential as huge time sucks. They are also fun apps you might find handy for upcoming projects.

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Kaleidomatic: This is for those who love surface design. Take a picture and this app creates a design based on the photo. For example, the lead image was originally a shot of this vintage Ham Radio QSL card from Switzerland, then made into a repeating pattern. I can see this being really great when combined with digital printing sites like Spoonflower

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Foldify: This papercraft app is hours of fun, and also a great resource for kid crafts or events. In a few minutes you can create a personalized box perfect for party favors or just for fun. It's really quick to create cartoonish designs using their tools, but with more time, you could also make something quite interesting.  

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Hail Pixel: This popped up on my Twitter feed the other day and I'm smitten. It's simple and clever, a great alternative to traditional color wheels (or just when you want colors to shift mindlessly in front of your eyes for a few minutes). Currently available only as a website, there are plans to make it an app.

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Shapely: This app lets you easily add a picture frame of sorts to your photos. A quick punch for your social media, or a nice visual add-on to invitations or other graphic designs.

Anyone used any of these and liked them as well? Any others that you want to recommend?

(Lead image: as linked above)

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