Four Genius Entertaining Ideas That Break the Rules

Four Genius Entertaining Ideas That Break the Rules

Jul 22, 2014
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Psst, we have a great secret for hosting your next dinner party: Stop fussing.

The best get-togethers aren't about polishing the silver salad forks or breaking out the fancy dishes everyone's afraid to touch; they're about creating a welcome, relaxed vibe for your favorite people — and that means breaking the entertaining rules that we think we need to follow. That's why we love shopping HomeGoods' entertaining aisles: They're stocked with surprising, unique finds (at killer values!) that make our table feel like, well, our table. Plus, since the stock is ever-changing, it's like a brand new store each time.

Here Are Four Ways to Break the Rules At Your Table!

1. Think mismatched, not matchy-match.
Who says everyone's dessert plates need to be the same? From water glasses and dinner plates to napkins and place mats, a lively mix of colors and patterns make for a uniquely eye-catching table.

2. Ditch the tablecloth.
On the right occasion, they look sophisticated; on the wrong one, totally stuffy. Update your table with bright and modern runners instead — especially if you're entertaining al fresco or have a beautiful tabletop to show off.

3. Put the "happy" back in happy hour.
Martini glasses, rocks glasses, highball glasses, red and white wine glasses — for tonight, loosen up the bar with colorful glasses and whimsical finishing touches like paper straws.

4. Let guests get cozy.
Go with us on this one: Rethink the need for chairs. Have a tricked-out back yard? Pull those outdoor loveseats up to the table. Love a low table? Have everyone sit on cushions, picnic-style. Comfy guests are happy guests.

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