Four Hidden Hard Drives and a DIY IKEA Standing Desk

Our friend Michelle recently shared her $30 standing desk project, an IKEA Norbo wall table painted matte black to match her dramatic wallpaper. Across the pond in Sweden, Niklas Johansson had a similar idea, turning to IKEA for his standing desk solution, his stark white desk the opposite of Michelle's noir setup...

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"I needed to improve my living room work place so I made a standing desk out of an IKEA kitchen bench that I cut to the right size. The problem was that I needed room for four of my external hard drives and I did not want them to take any space on the desk and there weren't much other space I could use. I did, however, have some space beneath the standing desk so I decided to hang them on the back of another IKEA board under the desk. It turned out just the way I wanted."