4 Ways To Expand Even the Tiniest Budget for a New Nursery

4 Ways To Expand Even the Tiniest Budget for a New Nursery

Alison Gerber
May 12, 2014
(Image credit: Justice Darragh)

So many parents-to-be dream of a brand new nursery for their brand new bub. But what if money is tight? What if there's a measly $50 sitting in the new nursery fund? Never fear, there are ways to expand even the teensiest of decorating budgets, that are simple and bound to provide results.

1. Sell old furnishings. If the room you plan to have the nursery in is currently a guest room or study - have you considered selling your old pieces of furniture online? Even lamps and rugs that are no longer needed might be worth attempting to sell. Or: have a yard sale! There is no better time to clean up than before baby takes over, and every dollar you make can go right into the nursery fund!

2. Cut back on weekly treats. We all have our own "life's little luxuries", be it clothing, food, entertainment, haircuts or home furnishings. For me, it's lunches out. Make a deal with yourself - for every time you make your own coffee or take a sandwich to work, the money you would have spent you can put towards a dream crib or rocking chair!

3. Rethink baby "essentials". Have you got a baby bathtub in the budget? A diaper bag? Have you checked out our series of posts of "baby goods we're glad we bought and ones we wish we didn't"? A few different writers from our team weighed in, and they might just convince you that not everything is essential... and the money could be reassigned to be used on something else.

4. Consider nursery items on the shower registry. For my second baby, when it came to the gift registry...what did I really need? I already had a stroller, already owned a baby car seat and a crib. Instead, I listed a mushroom pouf from Anthropologie. Why not?! You know what, everyone went crazy for that thing, and a whole bunch of my friends pooled their money and bought it. It was the best present I got and really made my daughter's room special.

Got your own tips for increasing the new nursery fund? Saved a whole lot for a project of your own? Share your wisdom and experience below!

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