Foursquare Helps You "Explore" Your City

Foursquare Helps You "Explore" Your City

Julienne Lin
Feb 17, 2012

About two years ago, a lot of us were avid Foursquare users, checking into every place we went. After some time the intrigue died off, and our once large group dwindled down to just a few hold outs. Now the social check-in service has upgraded their "Explore" feature, reigniting our interest in Foursquare for discovering new spots in the city instead of Yelp or Google...

The Explore feature was available when you accessed Foursquare on the web, but they have now extended it to the iPhone and Android phones. This is actually a pretty big deal to us because most of the time we use Yelp or Google to figure out where to go next if we're looking for a quick lunch suggestion or are figuring out where to go for live music. Now you can use Foursquare to search for places in a location that you aren't currently in, and you can do it with a nice user-friendly interface.

Foursquare now lets you pick any neighborhood and search for places by pinching or double tapping the area that you plan on going to next.

We realize that Yelp is also good for searching for places in another city, it's basically our go-to tool because Google isn't 100% accurate sometimes. However, we're intrigued with the smart search aspect Foursquare provides. There are filters on the app that let you search by places your friends have checked into, results based on the time of day, or places on lists you follow. That kind of personalized experience is not as advanced on the Yelp app yet.

What tools do you use to plan your next outing?

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