Fox & Dakota's Spiced Up Rental

My Room

Name: Fox (2) & Dakota (due October 2012)
Location: West Los Angeles, CA

It was my goal to make this space feel fun for my kids, yet very practical due to a limited amount of space. I pushed 2 twin size beds together to create enough room for my sons and myself (yes, I'm a co-sleeping mother).

Since there is a limited amount of space in the room, I chose to take some of the "fun" up to the walls. I try to keep the floor space clear because my little one loves to push his cars along the floor. Since we are renting this apartment and have the dreaded beige, wall to wall carpeting, I jazzed the floor up with some fun and bright accent rugs. Fox loves his space and so do we.

Thanks Lorena! Readers, Lorena is an interior decorator, see more of her work at ReFreshLA.

(Images: ReFreshLA)


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