DIY Idea: Framed Gold Glitter Art for St. Patrick's Day (or Anytime!)

Mr. Kate

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Walls in need of modern art? Think outside the box—err, frame. An at-home gallery doesn't need to be all about family photos, numbered screen prints or music festival posters. Literally anything that fits the frame could be worthy of display. Case in point: this framed glitter project. Who knew craft supplies looked so good?

Kate Albrecht of the eponymous Mr. Kate blog created this do-it-yourself art project that combines two of my favorite things: gold and glitter bombs. With a little mist of spray adhesive on the paper backing, Kate gave each of these frames a generous toss of metallic glitter. When the backing is popped back into the frame, the mess is contained and displayed forever.

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Of course, if gold glitter doesn't fit with your year-round style, this project is easy and inexpensive enough to become a part of your St. Patrick's Day decor.

(Image credits: Mr. Kate)

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