Framed Onesie Keepsake

Michelle is transitioning her son's room into a "big boy" room. It's a bittersweet process. As exciting as it is to watch them grow up, you can't help miss the baby they once were. One item in his new room she fully admits is really for herself: a framed baby onesie, one of her favorites. [It's] an easy, playful and modern way to remind myself of how fast he grew and how quickly the time passed. A gentle reminder to myself to enjoy every moment because he won't be like this for long.

Michelle was lucky and scored a nice, wood Pottery Barn frame for $3 which she painted a vibrant red. She used inexpensive wrapping paper as a background and hot-glued the onesie to it. The result is sentimental without looking sappy.

We can relate to Michelle as we were recently putting away the first round of clothes that our son has outgrown (some he has waaay outgrown). Being a summer baby, our son lived solely in onesies for months and even though they're not dressy outfits or expensive, they are still our favorites and what we'll think of when we think of him as a newborn.

You can visit Michelle at her blog Everyday Celebrating where she always has lots of great ideas to share.

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