Frankoma Pottery

Frankoma Pottery

Maxwell Ryan
Aug 20, 2008
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Earlier this summer, I spent a weekend in the beautiful Huerfano Valley in southeastern Colorado. When our hostess passed out coffee mugs in the morning, I was struck by how perfectly the mug seemed to mimic the natural surrounding. Even in my yet uncaffeinated state, I noticed the mug seemed sturdy and rustic, yet elegant. So when the coast was clear, I snuck a look at bottom, (a very bad habit!) and read the name Frankoma, which was scratched into the clay...

John Nathaniel Frank, who moved to Oklahoma after attending the Art Institute of Chicago, founded the company in 1938. He started by mixing the tan-colored clay from Ada, Oklahoma with a butter churn. Noting the color of the clay can help approximate the date of a Frankoma piece because after 1954, the company began using red clay from Sapulpa, Oklahoma.

Frankoma prices can range from $6 for a mug (//,brown-frankoma-mug,1025311.html) to $800 for a Bucking Bronco Figurine (// made from Ada clay. The Company stayed in the Frank family until 2005 when it was purchased by Det and Crystal Merryman.

You can purchase Frankoma pottery directly from, or start competing with me on Ebay. (//

(Image: sproutgrrl)

- Amy Azzarito

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