Free Green House Plans from ... FreeGreen

Free Green House Plans from ... FreeGreen

Trent Johnson
Feb 2, 2009

While I'm not in the market to build a home from scratch any time soon, it is great fun to browse home plans - especially those that are green. And for those who ARE in the home for green building plans, this is a great site to consider. currently offers 8 sets of building plans, with individual options and names including View Box, Comfortable Cape, Suburban Loft, Health Family and Rustic Retreat. Without creating an account, you can browse less detailed plans, energy features, energy performance, virtual tour, graphical renderings and the SIP layout. After creating a free account, you'll have access to:

  1. Drawing Set - The Drawing Set is a graphical document that your Builder will use to construct your house.
  2. Energy Data - The Energy Data contain information on the energy performance of your home when it is built in the City you have indicated. It also gives you options for incorporating variable amounts of solar power.
  3. Spec Book - The Spec Book is a compilation of the building products and finishes that can be installed in your home. Take the Virtual Tour to help you narrow down the options.

Everything is free except the customization of plans. For this they pay per change, which is perfectly reasonable.

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