Free Music For All!

Free Music For All!

Jason Yang
Jul 22, 2011

We've got more digital freebies for our music loving readers! There are many free MP3 downloads or streaming music services out there for your listening enjoyment and we highlight a couple. We've include several sites recommended by our music savvy readers and would love to hear some more!

Searches for "free music downloads" and the like came back with so many results, many of which seemed so shady! It seemed aside from some offerings from Amazon, streaming services were the most legit in offering free tracks. We were a bit timid in trying out many of the free download sites for concern of legality and legitimacy. Where do you go for your free music fix? Share your favorite sites for free songs and music with us and your fellow readers!

Amazon lists almost 3,000 free songs when sorted by price.

Amazon Artists on the Rise
This is a fun section at Amazon that spotlights new up and coming artists with free tracks.

Who doesn't know this mainstay music streaming service?

AOL Music
Actually quite a good setup and service from good old AOL.

Even more free music from an internet radio site.

Slacker Personal Radio

Slacker Radio touts their difference, saying their "expert DJs hand-pick songs based on their extensive knowledge combined with your personal preference." :)

SHOUTcast lists almost 50,000 free internet radio stations with almost 1 million people streaming music at any given time.

Grooveshark (thanks to reader sunspot42)
Grooveshark lets you search for music by keyword or category and check out what other "sharks" are listening to.

Turntable (thanks to reader meowsk)
What a fun idea! Turntable lets you join rooms and become the DJ and play songs for everyone. Each DJ plays one song each turn, and they get voted on to as "awesome" or "lame" - where your song gets skipped.

Spotify (thanks to reader meoswk)
There's been a lot of buzz about Spotify with anUnplggd breakdown how to score an invite. They tout "any track, any time, anywhere" and it's supposed to all be free.

Viva-Radio (thanks to reader Eric Shook)
Quite the hipster style design and interface for this radio streaming website.

NoiseTrade (thanks to reader bearded moose)
Apparently a new player on the block where you get to download thousands of albums for free simply by promoting the artist on Facebook or Twitter.

gogoyoko - (thanks to reader Andestinn)
An artist driven music store and social network where you can listen to music for free (but then presumably support the artist by buying their music).

Send us your suggestions and we'll check it out and throw them on the list.

(Images: Flickr members Kashirin Nockolai and asgw licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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