Free Photoshop Actions to Mimic the Instagram Effect

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One of the greatest appeals of Instagram is that the popular photo app has given a budding photographers the ability to process images in ways once only available to seasoned photographers and Photoshop professionals. For more advanced photographers who want to give their DSLR images the Instagram — or rather, the "historical" effect — here are several Photoshop actions to mimic the popular app.

Here are some image styling filters actions and how they're implemented for Photoshop beginners.

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To add the actions: Click the Actions arrow on the right hand toolbar. Click the small arrow and list drop down in the right hand corner and select Load Actions. Then simply select the .atn file.

To use the actions: Once the actions have been loaded, import an image, click the Actions arrow on the toolbar, select the desired action and click the play bottom on the bottom of the toolbar.

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Here's some free Instagram actions from around the web:

(Photo Credits: Elizabeth Giorgi)

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