Getting a Fresh Perspective: How I Learned to Love an Eyesore

Getting a Fresh Perspective: How I Learned to Love an Eyesore

Jennifer Hunter
Mar 21, 2013

As most of you probably know, co-habitating often calls for compromise.  For months I’ve been living with a huge, mass-produced canvas decorating my living room, silently wondering why my style-savvy boyfriend would hang such a thing. Well, I finally brought it up, and I’ve completely changed my mind.  What caused my 180? 

I’ll admit I have a bias against mass-produced art — it bugs me.  I’ll gladly buy a sofa that millions of other people own, but I feel that the art on my walls should be unique to me.  So imagine my chagrin when, after railing against our “eyesore,” I heard the story of its origin.  Apparently, after our first date, my boyfriend knew he wanted to invite me to see his apartment, but he was embarrassed that he didn’t have much on the walls.  So he rushed out and bought this print in order to impress me when I came over for the first time. 

Even though many other people may own the same print, not one of them has the story I do about how they got it.  Turns out, it’s pretty unique after all.  I only wish it was a little smaller, since now we’ll be keeping it forever! 

Tell me, does origin and history change the way you feel about your decor? 

(Image: Jennifer Hunter)

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