Spring holidays give us rituals for cleaning, decorating, hosting, and eating. The Jewish holiday of Passover begins the evening of March 25, and it involves all four tasks in abundance: dinner table decor for this holiday has been under scrutiny since, well, time immemorial.

The seder plate, which is used as a centerpiece to present the symbolic elements of the meal service (called a seder), gets all the attention. We rounded up a group of modern seder plates three years ago--many of which are still available for purchase--but we thought it was time to refresh with a selection of new, simple seder plates that evoke spring.

1. Ceramic Passover Seder Plate from Etsy shop Boxandbowl - $90
2. Williams-Sonoma Pickard porcelain plate with silver or gold rim - $249
3. Bernardaud "Louvre Judaica" plate from Bloomingdale's - $237
4. Lladró porcelain limited edition seder plate - $975
5. Green Bisque ceramic plate by Kosoy and Bouchard - $375

I can't afford to invest in a new seder plate this year, so I have to decide between two I already own. Care to weigh in and tell me which one you think I should put on my table?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
The first is a hand-painted wooden plate with six bowls from Israeli artist Yair Emanuel.
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
The second is a silver-plated and wooden plate--a classic design that your great grandparents might have used. A similar version is available through Amazon.

(Images: Gallery images, as linked above; Single images, Rachel Rosmarin)