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Prefer fresh air to air fresheners? When it's not the time nor place for even the fanciest candle, the Fresh Wave odor-neutralizing product line clears the air. It neuters the musty from your front-loader, and says it even stands up to flood, fire or mutt.
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Fresh Wave uses electrostatic molecules to grab the nasty-smelling ones and whisk them away without masking scents. Great for those with allergies, sensitivities or just households who disagree on what smells good.

Created by a industrial maker, Fresh Wave claims the wherewithall to conquer flood or fire damage as well as standard basement/pet/cooking smells. And it's made of natural extracts of lime, pine needles, aniseed, clove and cedar wood.

The product line includes typical air care like a soy candle ($13.95) and spray ($9.95/8 oz.). More intriguing possibilities include a full pet line, Odor Neutralizing Crystals (14.95) and an All-Purpose Cleaning Additive ($19.80). That's the one that clears the washer or other appliances, as well as neutralize ammonia and other chemical odors.

In other words, a cleaning product to clean up after the cleaning products.

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