Frinab: Textile Lamp Cords from Sweden

Frinab: Textile Lamp Cords from Sweden

Jeanine Brennan
Feb 25, 2009

If a lamp were an outfit, its cord would be the shoes. Even the best lamp can look eh with a run-of-the-mill vinyl cord. On the other hand, you'll give even a so-so lamp a second look if it sports an interesting cable. The bright red cord is one of the reasons we love the Glam table and the black Caravaggio Lamp. Also Alexander Taylor's Fold Light and Harri Koskinin's Block lamp. None of these lights would be as memorable to us with a typical white or black cord attached. Our current favorite textile cords come from a Swedish company, Frinab...

Frinab, in the west of Sweden, produces and sells textile cords which they design themselves in a range of colors and patterns. On their website they even give the corresponding Pantone color for most cables. And you can order cable samples.

You can also find textile cords online in US stores like Sundial Wire, in both smooth and twisted styles. Sundial sells both cotton and rayon covered cords in several muted colors that lend themselves more to elegant or antique lighting looks, certainly not as bright as those from Frinab. Prices at Sundial are not expensive and average about $1.35/ft.

We wouldn't recommend anyone replacing a lamp cord themselves and you should check with the cord company to find out what wattage of bulb the wiring supports. We've taken lamps locally to Chimera Lighting in Boston's Fort Point Channel for rewiring, and also to change out european plugs.

>>>Frinab's web site

>>>Sundial Wire

>>>Chimera Lighting (Boston)

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