Frisper Freshkeeper

Frisper Freshkeeper

Oct 30, 2007

The longer you are able to keep your food fresh, the less you will have to throw out. It's the keeping food fresh part that is the trick. Years ago we remember seeing these vacuum sealers which actually used a heated element to melt the plastic shut. Although that did seal the bag, it could only be used once. The Frisker Freshkeeper allows you to both vacuum seal your food and reuse the bag even after opening it.

The trick is in the combination of the vacuum sealing unit and the bag. While the bags look like regular zip top bags, they actually have a special spot that the Frisper mates with to pull out the air. Since the bag is resealable, you can simply wash it and reuse it for the next item. Doesn't hurt that it looks good too.

-via Dwell Techblog

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