From Birth to 12: Classic Toys for Kids at Each Age

From Birth to 12: Classic Toys for Kids at Each Age

Alison Gerber
Nov 18, 2014

Ever wonder what to buy the little kid in your life, amidst all the plastic and TV-themed junk out there? Want to buy something that is, truly, a classic toy? Here are our recommendations for the best classic toy to buy for any child, aged zero to 12.

Age 0: The cuddliest, sweetest teddy bear you can find. The kind that will travel alongside you, all your life. Something like Gund's Mushmellows: so cuddly.

Age 1: The traditional rubber duck. I think Ernie said it all, really, when he sang: "you make bathtime lots of fun!"

Age 2: An easy-to-catch ball for those developing motor skills.

Age 3: A whole pile of Play-Doh (bought or home made). And don't forget the Play-Doh Fun Factory — that thing is seriously awesome.

Age 4: Hot Wheels cars will be the winner at 4, but if you've got a die-hard girly girl to buy for, it's time for her own baby doll.

Age 5: Dominoes are a fantastic way to introduce young kids to the fun, and a few of the basic elements of table top games.

Age 6: This might sound crazy, but Slinkys are still fabulously cool to the average 6-year-old. We have a little boy in our house who has one on his Christmas wishlist. Make sure you go for the original and the best.

(Image credit: Rebecca Bond)

Age 7: By now, if toys aren't all about LEGO, they will be. There are so many sets accessible to a 7-year-old — go crazy!

Age 8: Who didn't like collecting as an 8-year-old? And what better collection to have than a collection of marbles? They can be so beautiful!

Age 9: Now that they're a little bigger, a 9-year-old is able to take better care of something a little more delicate, like a kite. A kite can be a great excuse to get a potentially screen-addicted kid outside, too.

Age 10: Something a little trickier to master for a 10-year-old: a yo-yo! Start with an automatic wind-up yo-yo (like this one) to gain confidence, and graduate to the classic Duncan yo-yo later.

At 11: Share the joy (or endless frustration, depending on how you look at it) of the Rubik's Cube.

At 12: Their very own chess set. I still remember the chess set I had as a kid, and have such fond memories sitting down at the dining table, playing against my uncle and my Dad.

Did we miss a classic toy favorite from your house? Share it below!

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