From Designer to DIY: Wall Organization for Every Budget

From Designer to DIY: Wall Organization for Every Budget

Mike Tyson
Aug 18, 2010

When you don't have much room on your desk, take a cue from any urban environment and build up! Organizing your possessions on the wall is an excellent way to free up your workspace (especially if you have little to begin with) and make them a little bit more accessible. We're going to introduce you to 11 products dramatically ranging in price, size, and intention. Whether it's a coat rack from acclaimed designer Naoto Fukasawa to a DIY job made out of PVC, we're pulling out all the stops hoping to inspire you and satisfy your organizational needs with these unique products for every price point.

Vitra's Uten Silo Organizer ($350-$425)
Designed by Dorothee Becker in 1969, this retro piece is flexible in many different environments from an entrance hallway to an office. The playfully protruding bubbles encase your objects and leave them on display for the entire world to see. Some may see clutter while others will be happy to quickly find their items.

Naoto Fukasawa "Hanger" (Price on Request)
Similar to Jasper Morrison's controversial Crate series, Fukasawa developed a minimalistic coat hanger which references a utilitarian life free from the hyper-stimulation and overly designed world that we live in. Undoubtedly many people will see this as a mockery of what it means to design. We at least see merit in the concept; sometimes things don't need to be so complicated.

Vitsoe 606 Shelving ($285 — as much as you want!)
Designed by the modern master Dieter Rams, we believe this may be the perfect wall-shelving system. His approach to the design was simple: make an invisible shelf. He thought it was important that the items on display were the focus of attention, not the shelves themselves. Best of all, they're modular units with numerous attachments and are totally customizable to your needs. They're made from high-grade aluminum and are built to last. You'll most certainly find yourself passing these down in your family (if you are ever able to part with them in the first place.) If you need more convincing, check out Maxwell's spotlight on the shelving system as well as the company's store in New York. Additionally, we love this comment from reader summej2 regarding the cost of the piece as he attempts to contextualize it within past and present-day furniture pricing:

"People always seem to comment on how expensive Vitsoe is, but they forget that in the 1960's, before the era of disposable furniture, it was significantly less expensive than traditional furniture. The same is still true. Compare a wall of Vitsoe to a wall of shelving from Henredon or Drexel and you would find that it is much less expensive than traditional options.

The irony is that the modernist pieces designed to offer an affordable, honest alternative have now become aspirational. Oddly, the old value proposition still holds. An Eames LCW is a third the price of a side chair from Drexel; it only seems expensive in the modern world where furniture is not a once-in-a-lifetime purchase."

CB2 Hi-Gloss Storage Shelf ($99.95)
Along with CDs, books, and manuals, these floating shelves provide an awesome way to store your peripherals like your router if you're unable to incorporate it in plain sight. The hi-gloss white finish paired with the frosted glass will compliment any modern office.

Droog's "Strap" ($30)
These elastic wall fixtures fit perfectly within Droog's collection of playful, modern, and colorful items for the home. Stick anything in Strap that you'd like to have easily accessible but simultaneous on display such as pencils, notes, flowers, or pictures. We think there is a lot of versatility built into this very simple design — be creative and come up with new uses for it. We see potential for a cable management system.

West Elm Pratt Wall Accessories Set ($99)
We've already given you a general overview of West Elm's new collection designed by the Pratt Institute. This charming wall shelf-cum-organizer features a combination of accessories outfitted specifically for the mounted unit. Included in the package is a picture shelf, pencil holder, and corkboard. We appreciate the flexibility that the moving pieces allow so you can easily customize the shelf to your liking.