From Provincial to Palatial: Eclectic Russian Decor

From Provincial to Palatial: Eclectic Russian Decor

Ronee Saroff
Feb 22, 2010

Remember the Varykino palace from Dr. Zhivago? Yuri and Lara flee to this country estate in the midst of the Russian Revolution only to find its contents chillingly preserved in ice. One of the most hauntingly beautiful film sets, the 'ice palace' represents both a place where time stands still and the fossilized remains of an outmoded way of life.

No where is the intersection of cultures and traditions more varied than in the former Soviet Union. With influences from Scandinavia, Western Europe, and Central Asia, Russian style practically defines eclecticism. This selection of Russian-inspired decor shows how the right mix of traditional elements can create a bohemian rhapsody worthy of any modern manor.

Image: Ken Danvers, still photographer for David Lean's Dr. Zhivago

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