Was one of your 2012 resolutions to get more organized? Have you made much headway? If you answered yes, then rock on - you're one up on me. If not, don't worry — its still early, just choose one project in an area of your home life that needs attention and dive in — you know you'll be happy you did. To help get us all geared up, 10 posts from the past week, full of ideas and inspiration:

1. Out of the Closet: How To Make a Rope Wrapped Hanging Clothes Bar
2. Ultra Organized Living Rooms from Our House Tours
3. Storage Wars: Put Away or Display?
4. Streamlined & Organized: Medicine Cabinet Necessities
5. Fresh Start: How To Organize Your Personal Library
6. All In the Family: Storing Data As a Family
7. Make Your Own: Manly Accessory Organization
8. Making a (Side) Entrance: Organized Mudrooms
9. A Professional Organizer + Mom Shares Tips For Kids' Closets
10. 100% Realistic Budgeting Tips & Resources

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