From Suburban Bliss: Holiday Progressive Dinner

From Suburban Bliss: Holiday Progressive Dinner

Janel Laban
Dec 18, 2007

We read a perfect post at Suburban Bliss yesterday which we just had to slink for our entertaining-themed month. Melissa and her husband Logan hosted the dinner and dessert portions of her neighborhood's progressive dinner and she shares photos, tips and details that are super helpful - as well as her wise words to remember when hosting..."after thinking about this for a while I think the only way to have a really fun party is to enjoy the process of throwing a party"! Photos and info below the jump:

Post a copy of your recipe up at eye level to refer to while cooking.

Pre-measure the ingredients individually for each batch when cooking for a large group.

Turn the living room into a dining room for the night. Melissa moved out the furniture and moved in three borrowed tables. Dishes and flatware are from a party rental place. The cylinder vases were $2.97 each at Michaels and the hydrangea were $9/bunch at Costco, mixed in with cranberries left over from Thanksgiving.

We love the custom stir sticks.

Logan is a designer, and made a logo for the it is on the napkins.

Post party, the centerpieces move onto the coffee table.

Melissa also drops this inspiring thought about entertaining in her post which might convince you to give it a try sometime soon : "Having people to my home and making it warm and welcoming and feeling at ease with the chaos and mess of it all is my way of appreciating all we have."

Read the complete post at: Suburban Bliss

All photos: Melissa/Suburban Bliss

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