From the Closet to the Kitchen: A T-Shirt Transformation

In our younger years, we spent almost every night of the week at the local concert hall photographing bands as they came through town. It was a fantastic job and we built a killer t-shirt collection along the way, but one can only own so many t-shirts before they consume your closet. Instead of having them collect dust, we're excited to give them new life in the kitchen instead.

Disney over at Ruffles and Stuff has been hard at work hacking t-shirts into totally fun and funky aprons. The best part is, you know they can do straight into the wash and will clean right up. Each one requires minimal sewing and could even be done without the aide of a machine.

You use one whole t-shirt from start to finish, though long sleeved versions could provide longer, double wrap straps! Check out the full step-by-step tutorial over at Ruffles and Stuff!

Via: Ruffles and Stuff via Craftzine

(Image: Ruffles and Stuff)

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