From Wall to Wow: 65+ DIY Projects to Spice Up a Boring Wall

A blank (or boring) wall can stick out like a sore thumb in your home. But what to do? Paint it an accent color? Maybe. Wallpaper it with a wild pattern? That's an option. In fact we've rounded up 65+ wall wowing options to choose from that will take a boring wall and turn it into a surface that turns heads!

Add bold paint

Yes you knew it was coming. Bold paint is the easiest way to turn a boring wall into whoa majorly fast. Here's just a place to start — Cure Color Shyness: 14 Real-life Fearless Paint Colors to Push Your Style.

DIY Wall Art

Finding affordable art that's exciting isn't always easy, but taking control over your walls with a bold DIY wall art project will definitely banish boring:

DIY Oversize Wall Art

If a small piece of DIY wall art — no matter its gorgeousness — is just too dinky for your boring wall situation, you might accomplish some spicing by tackling an oversize wall art project. Try one of the projects in here: Large DIY Wall Art Projects for Really, Really Cheap. If you're looking for a DIY large art project that will also be an incredibly affordable thing to make, you might take inspiration from a reader and try this $13 wall art project.

Spice it up with shelves

Looking to jazz up a wall but also provide some functional storage? You need some rad DIY shelves. We suggest going overboard with a large shelving unit (not letting a couple of shelves float lonely on a large wall) to maximize your wall wowing impact. Find some great ideas for attractive projects to try here: 10 DIY Wall Shelving & Storage Ideas.

Stamp on pattern

Love the sensation of sponging on some color and shapes on a wall? It's usually cheaper than wallpaper, and the customization options are unlimited. For inspiration on how a wall can wow after being stamped, check out the ideas here: 5 Hand Stamped Statement Walls.

Add a killer wall clock

It might not seem like one singular wall clock could have a huge impact on making a wall go from boring to wow, but choose one with lots of personality, and you'll be surprised how impressive of an impact it'll have on a blank wall. Some DIY ones to make: 10 DIY Table and Wall Clock Projects.

Pattern without paint

In a rental and can't paint or stamp your walls? You can still have pattern, here are three ways: 3 DIY Ideas For Patterned Walls That Don't Require Painting Them

Add texture to wow

Don't depend on flat surfaces to add color, pattern and pizzazz to a blank wall; give it a look you'll want to touch with texture. DIY 3D Art Ideas for Bold, Textured Walls!

How have you turned a boring blank wall in your home into something really exciting?

(Image credits: Vintage Revivals; Nancy Mitchell; Ashley Poskin; A Beautiful Mess; Design Love Fest; Oh Happy Day; Almost Makes Perfect; Cuckoo 4 Design; Knot Magazine)