From Pallet to Compact Wall Desk

From Pallet to Compact Wall Desk

Taryn Williford
May 22, 2013

This sort of rustic project isn't for every taste. But if pallets suit your design palette, you just might love this ridiculously easy DIY project that turns a utilitarian wood shipping accessory into a compact fold-down desk perfect for a hallway or bedroom.

Karianne of Thistlewood Farms took a pallet—the kind that's used to store and transport goods—and made a work surface perfect for paying bills or surfing on a laptop. You can check out more photos and all of the details of her project here.

We love this project because pallets can be had for next to nothing (even online), if you can't find them for free. Then all you need is a piece of plywood and some hardware (a piano hinge, wire cord, and window latch will do it).

With the pallet upside-down (the side with less wood facing up), Karianne attached a piece of plywood, cut to fit across the width of the pallet between two of the planks on the back, with a hinge. Then cord is looped through eye hooks and cable hooks and fastened to the plywood desk surface and the sides of the palette to keep the desk surface level and balanced. Then a small window latch keeps the whole thing shut. Hide and secure a power strip inside the bottom, and you're ready for either a standing or seated laptop desk.

It's an awesome re-use for a basic and inexpensive item you can find nearly anywhere. Oh, and if you manage to find more than one pallet for your project, you can always try your hand at turning it into a plate rack, play house, day bed, hanging patio chair, headboard, sofa, dining table, or even a new floor. Whew!

(Images: Thislewood Farms)

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