Frugal Holiday Decor: Evergreen Boughs

A sure sign of the season: Christmas tree vendors have popped up along the sidewalks. We've purchased evergreen boughs from them in the past for something like $5 per bundle. Just the other night, as we came out of the grocery store, we stopped to ask how much the trimmings were at the stand right outside.

"You can have them", was the reply. Like, for free? We were surprised but elated to dig through stems that had been cut from the trees and select a few choice ones to take back to our small apartment. We always decorate with a few boughs instead of the whole tree: they take up less space while still bringing the festive look (and smell) of evergreen into our home.

So, if there is a sidewalk tree stand in your neighborhood, it just might be worth it to stop and inquire about their trimmings of evergreen boughs. You just might score some super cheap holiday decor for your home. Some ideas for putting them to use:

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Arrange them in a bowl, a la Martha Stewart.

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Fashion them into a wreath, via No Accounting for Taste

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Replace the by-now-dead flowers in your window boxes with them, as seen here from Better Homes and Gardens.

Top image: City Snapshots

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