Frugal Living: 15 Free (or Nearly Free) DIY Ways to Fill & Refresh Your Framed Art

Do you have a home full of blank walls and empty frames that need filling? Or are you tired of the same art pieces you've had for years and want to shake things up a bit? There are plenty of ways to fill money and have fun by trying one of these fifteen free (or nearly free) ideas on how to fill frames for fun art in your home!

Pictured above: A DIY art project Mondrian himself would be proud of. You might even have some of these supplies already on hand. Via Bliss at Home.

What's that? A free, awesome piece of black and white truth you can print out and stick in an affordable frame for your home today? Find it on Delia Creates.

Wait you want another free, good-looking thing you can print out and frame for your walls? Find another one at One O.

Hey, make those kids work for it! Find ideas for turning kid art into stylish art for your walls on Design Improvised.

Cheap bandanas and fabric with great pattern will always be stylish in frames (and we bet you have something lying around the house). In fact, if you're not making rag rug accessories out of an old outfit you don't wear anymore, you could consider framing a fabric piece if it has an eye-catching pattern. Spotted on blitsy.

Not just for expressing new year sentiments, this project could be a fun thing to frame with lots of different chalked-on sayings. Would be great if you have some left over chalkboard paint if you don't have a chalkboard ready to paint. Spotted on Moving Easton West.

How about an art project as simple as putting a piece of paper in a frame? This one will cost you but not much. Spotted on The Lovely Cupboard.

Love the idea of transforming an old mirror you might be tired of into an art piece with paint and stencils! On Dream a Little Bigger.

Love this simple but professional looking gold leaf and watercolor abstract art piece found on Persia Lou, made with materials you might already have around the house.

Such a cute project for kid's rooms or for folks who are kids at heart! Photograph some vintage or favorite toys to frame as art. Seen on boxy colonial.

What a great way to create art and clean all the old keys from your junk drawer you're not using anymore! Seen on i heart naptime.

Have some extra wrapping paper and a knife? You can create this simple but cute art piece. As seen on a Prudent Life.

Instructions on how to create a lovely sketched and stitched art piece. Find it on pitter & glink.

Make your own stamps and make as many art pieces as you want! Seen on Poppytalk.

Another quote art piece, this time using washi tape's cute patterns to create words. Seen on Tried & True.

What's your favorite way that you've filled a frame for free (or nearly free) recently? Share your project in the comments below!

(Image credits: Bliss at Home; Delia Creates; One O; Design Improvised; blitsy; Moving Easton West; The Lovely Cupboard; Dream a Little Bigger; Persia Lou; boxy colonial; i heart naptime; a Prudent Life; pitter & glink; Poppytalk; Tried & True)