Frugal Living DIY Home Decor: 6 Accessories from Upcycled Old Clothes

Want to update your decor with something soft and stylish this weekend but don't want to spend any money? Save money and upcycle! Declutter a closet or a dresser and grab those no-longer-worn clothes and fabrics to make a rag rug, coaster, basket and more! We've got six projects that won't take too long to finish once you get the rhythm of these DIY decor projects down.

Pictured above: A soft (but admittedly delicate, so don't place in high-traffic areas) round rug is the perfect thing to add to any corner or nook that needs cozy-ing. Seen on Soulful Eyes.

Another roung rag run example shows that using just one color of fabric can be quite chic and modern. As seen on Hannah in the House.

A more miniature-scale option is cute little rag coasters for your table top (and will do a great job of absorbing liquids before they hit your wood furniture). Spotted on Petals to Picots.

Add not only style but also comfort when you add a few homemade rag rugs to your kitchen for making standing easier on your feet. Seen on A Beautiful Mess.

This one is a bit of a cheat as it uses a pre-made rag place mat, but you could adapt the principles to make your own rag rug rectangles to sew together for pillows yourself. Spotted on poppy haus.

Love these little bowls that you could adapt to any size for any room, from small dresser-top catchalls to big baskets in your living room. Seen on the red thread.

Have you ever made any rag rugs or other accessories and have lessons you've learned to share with readers before they dive into any of these projects? Share below in the comments!

(Image credits: Soulful Eyes; Hannah in the House; Petals to Picots; A Beautiful Mess; poppy haus; the red thread)