Frugal Living Weekend Assignment: 5 Areas You Could Save Money

Frugal Living Weekend Assignment: 5 Areas You Could Save Money

Adrienne Breaux
May 17, 2014
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During the week, life might be moving so quickly that you don't have time to be your most frugal, let alone think about how you can save money. So why not take a little time today or tomorrow to evaluate how you might save a little more dough around the house? We've got five common areas that often have room for folks to save money in — take some time this weekend to see if there is any money saving potential around your home!

1. Tech and entertaining services
Evaluate the tech and entertainment you pay for. Do you really need Amazon, Hulu and Netflix all at once? Look at your bookshelf — have you recently bought a book that could have been rented from your local library? More ideas for tightening your tech budget.

2. Food wastes
Go walk into your refrigerator right now. Is there anything in there rotting and ready for the trash? You may be buying too much food at once, or not properly storing it so it lasts its longest. First, start your savings at the grocery store: 10 Strategies For Saving Money at the Grocery Store. Then build good habits for avoiding food waste: 6 Habits to Prevent Food Waste. Here are some ways to combat food wastes with common foods: 10 Tips to Help You Save Money and Stop Wasting Food.

3. Energy
It doesn't take long to take a quick look around the house to see how things are operating. Start here (it's a great post for homeowners, too): The Ultimate Guide to Making Any Rental More Energy Efficient. If you've got a laundry room, don't forget about it: 10 Ways to Save Energy in the Laundry Room. Pay special attention to your air conditioner since warm temperatures are on their way: 10 Ways To Save Energy When Air Conditioning Is A Must. Want be as thorough as you can? 50+ Ways to Save Money on Home Energy, Utilities & Repairs.

4. Home cleaners
Cleaning products for home can be quite expensive and in some cases, unnecessary. Evaluate everything you have and then consider replacing — slowly and one at a time if you need — the most expensive products with cleaners you make yourself from natural ingredients. Here's a list of every kind of home cleaner you might need, and the natural DIY recipe to make it! 25 DIY Green Cleaning Recipes For the Whole House!

5. Product packaging that might still have product left in it (or could be reused)
Before you throw away any product packages, see if there isn't any way to get a little more out of them. There might still be pesky product left in there! And before you throw away a completely empty product package, first consider if there's a way you can reuse it around the house. Check out: The Big List: 49 Smart, Money-Saving Creative Reuse Ideas.

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