Spring always inspires us to update our home in big ways, but it also spurs us to add little touches of design and accessory here and there — especially if we know guests are coming. We’re curious…what’s your go-to punch of color and life for your home: fruit, flowers or a little fur (like on a pet)?

We were looking at a list of five things that should always be in the home, and one of the items listed was a touch of life, like as in a plant or a pet. We couldn’t agree more. When we’ve got a dinner party coming up and we survey our home and feel like there’s a little something missing, adding a touch of nature and life always does the trick. With no pets…we usually lean on flowers, but we know those who love to bring out a colorful bowl of apples, oranges or something exotic to tie in a color scheme and make a room seem more edible!

Top Row:
1) Fruit & Flowers: Amy & David Butler's Creative Textile Lab of a Home
2) Fruit: Dante's Charming Spanish Flat
3) Flowers & Plant: Brendan & Marjory's Minimal Space with a View
4) Flowers & Fur: Nana's Warm and Modern Family Home
5) Fur: Amy & Keith's Candy-Coated Dollhouse

Bottom Row:
6) Flowers: Danielle & Derek's Somerville Sanctuary
7) Fruit: Jo-Anne & Howard's London Home & Bonsai Garden
8) Fruit: Emily's Infusion of Personality
9) Fruit/Vegetable & Flowers: Anna and AJ’s Modern T-Loft
10) Something else entirely! Sara & Jason's Terrific Toy-Tastic Home

What’s your life accessory style? Do you always gravitate toward a lovely and full bouquet of flowers? Do you like a nice, traditional bowl of fruit — or maybe a more modern tray of interesting vegetables? Do you just make sure your cat is always curled up in her favorite Mid-Century Modern chair? Or — do you do something else totally unexpected and cool that you’re willing to share with the rest of us? Let us know!

Images — 1: David Butler; 2 & 9: Bethany Nauert; 3: Sarah Rainwater; 4: Adrienne Breaux; 5: Abby Cook; 6: Kyle Freeman; 7: Heather Blaha; 8: Emily from North Carolina and 10: Sara Harvey