Frustrations that Only the Design-Obsessed Will Understand

Frustrations that Only the Design-Obsessed Will Understand

Carolyn Purnell
Jun 5, 2014
(Image credit: Domaine)

Domaine recently compiled a list of the "little conundrums and daily annoyances that only true décor lovers suffer from," and I'll be the first to admit that I was in full agreement with some of them, ridiculous though they may seem to the less decor-obsessed people around me.

Their list features ten frustrations, but here are my favorite five:

1. The ongoing quest to make sure all the frames in your epic gallery wall hang straight.

6. Ceiling fans: necessary, but so rarely attractive.

7. Finally found a large-scale fantastic piece of art for over your sofa? The studs in your drywall don’t align well to hang it centered.

9. Throw-pillow-fluffing exhaustion from the constant pursuit of the perfect plump.

10. Your bedroom is burning up (probably because you took down your ceiling fan) but you couldn’t dare forgo your beautiful duvet for a lightweight blanket.

Click through to see the rest.

Personally, I'm constantly fixing my sofa cushions (they're down-filled, which means plumping, but they also have a tendency to slide), straightening my area rug (no matter what grips or pads I use, my dogs have an uncanny knack for messing it up), and corralling all the items on my kitchen counter (which my partner doesn't seem to think is necessary).

What are your little frustrations?

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