Fun and Colorful Humidifiers from Middle Colors

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The last adjectives that come to mind when describing humidifiers are fun and colorful, but thankfully someone decided this oxymoron should exist. Inspired by the success of the Fukisawa humidifier, Middle Colors has created another design oriented humidifier, but this time at a lower price point.

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We featured this product in 2008 when it was only available in Japan, but now that it can be shipped to the US we felt it was worth a revisit.

This humidifier series is available in two sizes, and a range of colors. Just add water, and the ultrasonic humidifier immediately begins misting. The humidifier will mist for 8 hours (small) or 10 hours (large, and at a higher humidity output).

New improvements on the 900 series include a "waterway cover" which controls the flow of the water, an "overflow sensor" which detects high water level, and an "overflow pool" used for escaping water. Also new on the 900 series is a timer - which can run constantly, for 2 hours, or for 4 hours at a time.

Middle Colors Humidifiers are available from Gizmine and are $119.99 for the small size and $169.99 for the large.

(Found via Design Crush)