Fun and Fearless: Fuchsia for Interiors

We are feeling fuchsia lately. Not quite pink but not quite purple, there's an energy that this color brings into a space. Perfect for infusing a room with a bright and bold color of spring, fuchsia can be just the right hue to incorporate in a bedroom for excitement or for someone to use to bring color to a rental space.

1) Graham & Green Dream Velvet Sofa Collection
2) Graham & Brown - Midsummer Wallpaper
3) CB2 Wire Hare
4) Fuschia Square Portuguese Doily
5) Zeitraum Sideboard

6) Antonio Ballatore's Hot Pink Kitchen Wall
8) Vintaged Rose Plant Pots
9) Andrea Claire Peep Show Light
10) Chalkboard Skull

Are you feeling fuchsia as well? Do you have some in your space already? Plan on adding some? Wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole?

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