Fun with Polka Dots: 10 Round & Rainbow Items to DIY or Buy

Bouncy balls, pom-poms, and garlands — what could be more fun? These round, rainbow-hued, and spirited items make it possible for everyone — adults included — to get in on the joy.


1. DIY Rope and Pom Pom Rug, on Curbly
2. Bouncy Ball Floor, on Hello Sandwich: If the hassle of implementing this idea for a floor seems too great, it's easy to adapt for table tops and trays.
3. Scandinavian Hanging Shelf, on Tête d'ange
4. Bouncy Ball Vase, on Cheerful Events
5. Felt Ball Garland, on Oh Happy Day

To Buy:
1. Colorku, on Amazon, $31.49
2. Midcentury Modern Rainbow Abacus, from Vintage Tie Girl on Etsy, $140
3. Wool Felted Hot Pad Set, on Amazon, $34.99
4. Orbit Clothes Rack, from Land of Nod, $49.95
5. Cotton Ball String Lights, from zecotton on Etsy, $11.50 for 20

(Image credits: Curbly; Hello Sandwich; Tête d'ange; Cheerful Events; Oh Happy Day; Amazon; Vintage Tie Girl; Amazon; Land of Nod; ZeCotton)