Funky Outdoor Furniture From Spruce Home

Inspired by Leah's post about vintage patio furniture? If so, you'll want to check out what the ladies from Spruce Home have been up to this spring. They've introduced a few refurbished vintage outdoor pieces, decked out in weather-resistant fabrics from Trina Turk's indoor/outdoor line. The results are adorably retro without veering into kitsch—perfect for lounging with a fruity cocktail, maybe a toothpick stacked with maraschino cherries. The fabulous octopus-print Tentacle Swirl Dining Set is pictured above. Click through for the rest of Spruce's outdoor selection...

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The Fruit Punch Outdoor Chair looks like a comfy place to while away an afternoon. At $450, it's a splurge, but the tailoring looks beautifully done, and the Trina Turk fabric is of course pricey on its own. The fabric is evidently "soil-proof" and can be hosed down, so it's easy to clean.

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Set of two Gypsy Basket Chairs is $825. Love the medallion pattern on the cushions here.

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The Garden Party Bench comes with a fun outdoor throw pillow. $585 for both.

If you're in love, but these prices seem out of reach, you might consider Spruce Home's layaway plan; visit their Etsy shop for more details.