Funny Valentines Day Cards (Straight from Pop Culture)

Funny Valentines Day Cards (Straight from Pop Culture)

Dabney Frake
Jan 26, 2015
(Image credit: Drunk Girl Designs)

You may not have Carrie Brownstein, Ryan Gosling, or Crazy Eyes wishing you a Happy Valentines Day in person, but —hey girl — these cards are the next best thing...

1. You're the Fred to My Carrie Card, from Drunk Girl Designs; $10 (lead image)

(Image credit: Diamond Donatello)

2. We Go Together Like Kanye & Kanye Card, from Diamond Donatello; $7.50

(Image credit: Perks of Aurora)

3. You’re Sponge Worthy Card, from Perks of Aurora; $3.75

(Image credit: Design Corner)

4. Hello. Is it Me You’re Looking For? Card, from Design Corner; $5

(Image credit: Little Bambii)

5. I Long For Your Bottom Card, from Little Bambii; $3.70

(Image credit: Seas and Peas)

6. Debbie Downer Card, from Seas and Peas; $4.25

(Image credit: This Little Pigg)

7. You Had Me at Meat Tornado Card, from This Little Pigg; $5

(Image credit: Seas and Peas)

8. They Think You're A Righteous Dude Card, from Seas and Peas; $4.25

(Image credit: Turtle Soup)

9. I'd Throw My Pie For You Card, from Turtle Soup; $4.00

(Image credit: Near Modern Disaster)

10. Hey Girl Card, from Near Modern Disaster; $4.50

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