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Small space-dwelling families will love the FunPod, an enclosed platform created to help kids safely participate in cooking activities. The mom-designed FunPod is suitable for kids ages 1-5 and has five height settings.

I'm a Learning Tower devotee and notice a few key differences that may be seen as pros or cons, depending on a family's needs. The FunPod's footprint is considerably smaller and shorter, which means it can be pushed below the lip of standard height countertops. The FunPod is enclosed, so while it may be more secure it requires that a child be lifted in and out, whereas kids can climb in and out of the Learning Tower themselves. For our family, the biggest difference is that the FunPod is for one child, and the Learning Tower is designed to support two children. With my twins I'll be sticking to the Learning Tower, but the FunPod could be a great addition to many family kitchens. It's available in four colors: black, maple, white and red. Get more information and find a list of sellers at Luca & Company.

(Image: Luca & Company)