Furniture by Hovmand Olsen

Furniture by Hovmand Olsen

Sarah Coffey
Feb 1, 2008

We saw this amazing table by Hovmand Olsen on the Mid-Century Modernist. Olsen's work belonged to the Danish Modern movement. The furniture seems very innovative to us, like the Reversible Game/Dining Table. It's the perfect versatile, small-scale piece: leather on one side, teak on the other, with two leaves. We went looking for a little more...

Armchair, Photo by Brian Franczyk at Architonic
Cinq Chaises on Artnet
Clock Cabinet on Artnet
Occasional Chair from objsdart

The Occasional Chair from the last photo reminded us a lot of Maxwell's post on a chair he saw at Butter, although we couldn't find anything that was a true match. Anyone else know Hovmand Olsen's furniture well enough to match it or not with Maxwell's chair?

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