Furniture Stress Test: How Often Do You Rearrange?

Many of us here at AT Boston are serial rearrangers — we simply can't leave well enough alone when it comes to our homes. We like to think we're just keeping our options open, especially given that the most common advice we hear from folks regarding "designing" a home is to just give it time. We've given several months to our living room makeover and this weekend we finally proved that the furniture is in the correct placement because we moved everything and ended up with everything back in the exact same position...

When we sat back down on the couch in the same old place it's always been we felt a little twinge of failure. We had wanted to shake things up, moving things around, try something radical but had ended up right where we started. In the end it wasn't a failure but a validation of previous decision making and now we feel more comfortable knowing we've tried other things and genuinely like this the best.