Future Shack: Instant Apartments

Future Shack: Instant Apartments

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 17, 2004

A strong roof over your head. Didn't we say that Australian's are coming? Here is another example. Via Josh Rubin, Australian Architect Sean Godsell has designed a simple house (dare we say apartment?) that can be erected overnight (see more pics):

Entered into Architecture for Humanity's relief housing competition, FutureShack addresses the shelter needs of refugees and homeless persons around the world. Constructed from one ready-made twenty-two-foot-long shipping container, FutureShack is equipped with a minimum of industrial materials and is entirely self-contained, which enables multiple structures to be stacked and shipped to crisis sites. Maintained by solar power, FutureShack is ready for occupancy within twenty-four hours.

An example can be viewed at The Cooper Hewitt until October, 2004.

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