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Lightweight Biomass and Charcoal Burning Stove

• $108

The perfect stove for the camper or outdoorsman, this rocket stove is an economical but highly effective way to cook off-grid. It requires very little wood, retains heat exceptionally well, and produces minimal smoke. It also is part of a bigger mission: "StoveTec’s mission is to deliver clean and efficient cook stoves to the nearly 3 billion people that currently cook over an open fire or an unimproved cook stove. 1.6 million people, 85% of which are women and children, die every year from inhaling the smoke emitted by open fires or unimproved cook stoves."

D-10 1/4 in H-10 1/4. Lightweight, insulating, ceramic combustion chamber, cast iron stove top, adjustable galvanized steel pot skirt

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