Gadgetology by Pam Abrams

Gadgetology by Pam Abrams

Carrie McBride
Nov 8, 2007

Inspector Gadget. Your kids aren't old enough to remember Inspector Gadget, but we bet they love gadgets anyway. Pam Abrams' Gadgetology is a unique approach to a cookbook. Instead of grouping recipes or projects around a type of meal or food, each recipe or project revolves around one of your kitchen gadgets.

Use that apple peeler to make apple cupcakes with caramel frosting or an apple corer to create circular tubes of cucumber and cheese for a snack. Not all the "recipes" are for food either. Make "stained glass" hearts from crayons using your cheese grater and cookie cutters or make flat playdough faces using your egg slicer. You and your kids will find uses for all those gadgets hiding in your cabinets and drawers which may rarely see the light of day.

Pick up Gadgetology at your local bookstore or at Amazon ($10).

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