(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Only a few catalogues get through our door. It is true. Last year we looked at every catalogue and magazine that was filling up our mailbox and cancelled 95% of them by calling the companies directly. It worked. Now our mail is much, much lighter and we only get what we want. Gaiam is one of them. While we use it as a good marketplace from which to order all our 7th Generation eco paper products and cleaners, it has also become a place where I find interesting furniture such as the Seagrass chair above ($299). Gaiam is a quickly growing company, and they now offer a wide range of products including: air & water purifiers, cleaning products, natural beds, yoga gear, healthcare products, feng shui books and (of course) zen fountains. At their website you will also find a great collection of articles (in their LEARN section) on healthy living that are useful - from energy efficient lighting to an article on the Slow Food Movement that is coming out of Europe. Problems? A hardened East Coaster may find the catalogue and site filled with stuff that seems mighty superfluous (ie. the Zen fountains), and you would be right. There is something for everyone at Gaiam, but it remains a good resource for Apartment Therapy. MGR