Gallery Kitchen by Anna Irinarchos

This kitchen combines some of our favorite styles: all-white interior, shelf lighting, sleek cabinet faces, subtle hardware, organized drawers, and open shelves. This kitchen, designed by Anna Irinarchos, manages to take the best of all these styles to create a beautiful minimalist space that organizes the kitchenware and quietly spotlights a few choice pieces thanks to its open recesses and built-in LED lights. Check out a few detail shots and after the jump...

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Detail shot of the lower cabinet drawers for dishes and silverware; example of one of the open recesses with LED spotlight.

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Example of a vertical pantry, and a shot of of the peek-a-boo handles for the top cabinets. Added bonus? Your guests won't have to open cabinets at random to find where you keep the glasses...

[ Photos from Sk├Âna Hem via Emmas Blogg ]