This past weekend I visited a local museum and saw, among lots of cool things, a particularly good-looking group of identically framed art hung on a grid. While I generally like more casual, organically organized gallery walls, lately I've been finding more and more symmetrical examples that I like.

This kind of arrangement can easily be more traditional or, depending what you frame, can be a nice way to bridge preferences for more than one style. Also, if you opt to hang something like wrapping paper (Image 4), Instagram snaps (Image 3), or pages from an old book (Image 6), you can get a big visual impact at a relatively low cost.

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2. A Cup of Jo
3. Young House Love
4. Canadian House & Home
5. Martha Stewart

6. Right Up My Alley
7. Elle Decor
8. Emily A. Clark
9. 79 Ideas
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