Game Night: The Most Beautiful Playing Cards

Apartment Therapy's Annual Guide

Style doesn't stop at wall color. If you're the type who loves to be coordinated from head to toe, you might find that you begin to wish every little thing in your home had its own matching flair. Treating yourself a beautiful deck of playing cards is a cheap thrill you can enjoy for years to come, whether as a playable set or just something pretty to rest on the coffee table.

I picked my favorite ten below, but if you're in the market for a beautiful deck, check out Bicycle (for the classics), Art of Play (a curated card superstore), and Deckstarter (the kickstarter for playing card design).

  1. Minim Playing Cards, $12
  2. Best Made Co. Cards, $8
  3. Misc. Goods Deck, $15
  4. Glitch Playing Cards, $20
  5. CMYK Playing Cards, $15.25
  6. Bohemia Playing Cards, $20
  7. Debbie Millman Playing Cards, $27
  8. Federal 52, $50
  9. Thick Lines, $15
  10. Anthropologie Metallic Playing Cards, $18

And a splurge...

Metro Deck, $550

I didn't want to include this set in my ten picks for game night, since I don't think I'd have my friends over for beer and a game of Euchre using a $550 deck. But if you're a playing card aficionado, this unique screen printed deck made from New York City subway cards could be the cornerstone of your collection.

And just for fun...

Fraggle Rock Playing Cards, $10

Who knew playing cards modeled after my favorite 80's kids' show could look so cool?

(Image credits: Areaware; Best Made Co.; Misc. Goods; Glitch; Hundred Million; Art of Play; Deckstarter; Anthropologie; Metro Deck/Etsy; The Spare Room)