Game On: Chairs for Gamers

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There’s one thing I think every design-minded gamer can agree on: gaming chairs can sometimes be ugly, ridiculous, and often categorically nuts in form factor. However, their functionality can’t be argued. The lowered arms and lower height make them ideal for multi-person marathon sessions for hours of playing games, encouraging better posture and in some cases, even decreasing eye strain.

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1. Big Joe Dorm Chair ($52.99)
Soft, light and up for a beating, this chair is not exactly gorgeous, but has a sort of beanbag charm to it. The assortment of colors available are beyond fun, and since it’s so light, it can easily be stuffed into a closet when sartorial concerns are at the top of the list.

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2. Foldable Gaming Chair ($191.99)
This chair is smart for a lot of different reasons. First, it folds up, so it can be tucked away and used as an ottoman. Second, it’s got storage, which is critical for all those controllers, cases and cables. And last, it’s microfiber, which means those highly caffeinated beverage spills will be easy to clean up.

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3. Brookstone Upholstered Convertible Gaming Chair
Unfortunately this lounge-style gaming chair is currently out of stock, but the design seems to have been inspired by high design, looking remotely similar to the Roche Bobois Dolce lounge chair (okay, only if you squint). But relaxed angle and style makes this one of the more nicer options we've seen.

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4. Space Invaders Couch ($5,000.00)
If money is no object, then this Space Invaders couch is a great conversation starter. It’s not only an ode to one of the best games in history, it’s perfect for playing the newest games too. The low profile is ideal for sight lines and the wide and low armrests are great for two-player sessions.

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5. Ovei Pod ($TBD)
This pod chair won’t be released until 2014, but the design is definitely space agey and a clever, efficient use of space. Essentially, it’s a pod for gaming with an ergonomic chair and a tech hub where gamers or movie buffs can immerse themselves completely in a private experience. Put this in the center of the living room and it will look more like modern art than a Playstation hot spot.

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