Gamer Gut Be Gone!

Gamer Gut Be Gone!

Apr 30, 2007

Sure, cleaning your place burns calories, as does going to the gym, but here's a way to do it while having more fun: Wired, in their May edition, proposes playing video games instead. Check out what burns more calories than 20 minutes of jogging or 1.5 hours of weight lifting after the jump...

• Instead of 1.5 hours of weight lifting (842 calories*)...try 1 hour of Dance Dance Revolution (900 calories)
• Instead of 30 minutes of aerobics (242 calories)...try 30 minutes of Wii Boxing (250 calories)
• Instead of 20 minutes of jogging (198 calories)...try 1 hour of PS3/Xbox on the couch (204 calories)
• Instead of 15 minutes of sex (33 calories)...try 7 minutes of Wii Tennis (46 calories)

*Calories for a 180-lb (82 kg) guy...results may vary, as they say.

DDR mat pic from Sillygwailo, and
Wii boxing pic from Minuk.

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