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To hell with design, what you need is a good hardware store!" This morning I went to Garber, and it was gone. One of the best, perhaps THE BEST hardware stores in the city, gone! Luckily, I discovered it had only moved around the corner. If you are looking for anything that a real hardware store should have, Garber's got it: massive big hooks, roller blinds, chains, electrical components, flashlights, tape, tools, a real straw broom. And not only will they help you, they are friendly. This is rare. They even have a website for questions like this one: "DO YOU SELL JAR OPENERS? I HAVE A JAR THAT IS REALLY STUCK TIGHT. I DESPERATELY WANT TO EAT A PICKLE, BUT I JUST CAN'T SEEM TO FIND THE RIGHT GRIP." If you are looking for something a little hard to find, call Garber or check out their new website. Go there first. It is worth the trip. MGR


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